ARTS3091 Week 9

I believe each fragmented piece of metal, yearning to cover the empty and lifeless gate, is like a collaboration of ideas building towards a common goal. I believe collaboration allows us to make society better and culture richer. Much like Cain (2012) says, new group think provides so much knowledge that even the introverted individuals are extroverted enough to exchange and provide ideas. Collaboration feels as if it surrounds me in university works and as the old saying goes, two heads definitely work better than one (Michael D. Gershon)

As a user myself, we as individuals feel powerless. However, as seen from many campaigns like Kony 2012, users in mass can promote cultural change (Coalition of the Willing, 2010). Much like Wikipedia, this image explains that mass, like a social organisation, allows people all over the world to be able to engage and collaborate together to form a spectacular piece, even for political movements or activism (Coalition of the Willing, 2010). These ‘swarms’ can help us to picture and shed light on different world issues (Coalition of the Willing, 2010).

From the techniques of ‘swarming’ and collaboration, are offered a point of departure for a new kind of politics (Jellis, 2009). Although there is much controversy surrounding Kony 2012, I think that new media has allowed people to be hand in hand when dealing with political issues involving Kony.


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