ARTS3091 Week 5


There are multiple realities including actual, potential, virtual, augmented, mixed, simulated etc. Media alters and intervenes with all aspects of our experience. In regards to virtual reality, it gives you insight into another paradigm. However, augmented reality seems to be a likelihood of a transformation. Every time augmented reality is mentioned, the memory of Iron Man comes to mind with his augmented computer systems.

In augmented reality, there are three ideas which will allow for a great improvement in our experiences; urban exploration, museum and shopping. As Drell mentions, with the ability to explore the urban the augmented app and interface will allow you to access city hot stops. It will also show you the exact diagram of the route to your location. Augmented reality apps can also potentially help guide you through large museums as maps often don’t go beyond external areas.  Google Maps is introducing maps for areas inside shopping complexes which will be compiled by photos that are taken internet users.

However, the experience of augmented reality feels seemingly open and a lot of the options can be opened to others. The Google Glass idea in using augmented reality which allows sound to be created by sending vibrations directly through the wearer’s skull.  Eyewear for augmented reality really is the only medium so far that will allow for the real senses to be enhanced as you will be able to view videos and images through the interface. The idea that Google and other companies are in the process of developing augmented reality glasses really does reinforce the idea that we are there.  The Golrun founder, Vivian Rosenthal, did say augmented technology is ‘not a futuristic, fringy thing… I think we’re there’. We are in this stage where augmented reality is a near future reality.

Besides idea of Google Glass, Parviz has voiced his great admiration to the Terminator films for the ‘virtual captions that enhance the cyborg’s scan of a scene’. He collaborated with Microsoft in 2011 in order to develop contact lenses that could help monitor blood sugar electronically without the hassle of needles.The contact lenses are still being tested and have not been given to consumers yet. However, the idea is innovative and we are yet to witness a lot of interesting ideas in reality. There are still processes in developing augmented reality apps.

It will definitely alter our whole experience of reality and will make us rely on our tertiary memory stored in these devices. As a media student, I am always supporting technological advancement. However, the idea that we will potentially rely on augmented reality entirely is a bit worrying. Media will definitely alter the way we interact with the social. It will demonstrate the human and technological advancement which is a positive aspect.



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