ARTS3091 Week 3

In the latest blog, there was a mention of an ‘ecology’. However, the idea of a ‘media ecology’ will be explored in depth. In the past, ‘media ecology’ was defined as the study of media as environments. Fuller states that “…’media ecology’ describes a kind of environmentalism: using a study of media to sustain a relatively stable notion of human culture”. It refers to the understanding of the human culture in terms of media and media technology.

This idea of metacommunication reflects our ‘media ecology’ as an idea that everything is interrelated regarding technology, media and culture. As stated by Deitz, “A media ecosystem – a phenomenon in which journalism is a joint project between journalists, non-journalists, accidental journalists, bloggers, politicians, celebrities, and the general public.” It reinforces the many platforms of user-shared content and information in order to share information and inform individuals.

This ‘media ecosystem’ has developed over the many years through the ways individuals use to internet. Technology has excelled to an extent that individuals are able to advocate for themselves through many platforms of media. Through the many ‘media events’ made from Julian Assange’s exploitation of many different political leaders which has greatly informed internet users. The important aspect about our ‘media ecology’ is the access we obtain from our media and how we are forced to utilize this access. It reinforces the shift in the way we define culture and how we culturally live which has altered the way we have been influenced by technology. As Deitz points out from a blog, ‘Big Brother is now us’. This notion of human culture has now altered as media technology has allowed us to be produced culture change through collaboration, transparency and participation. It has been enabled by SNS and blogs that allow people to freely participate in this global community of the internet.

Due to copyright of this image, there is a link available:
It reinforces the idea that human culture has been changed and the ‘media ecology’ is a reflection of how technology, communication and information play a significant part in our lives. The image reflects to interaction with this technologies that is merely a machine. However, the virtual idea of a hand signifies the access and advocacy that has altered the way we utilize technology.

This quote summarizes the ‘media ecology’ idea: “…Matter of how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival.” It reinforces the change in cultural values as a ‘global community’.


Fuller, Matthew (2005) ‘Introduction: Media Ecologies’ in Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture Cambridge, MA; MIT Press


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